Grammy Award winner Akon to headline Malta AI and Blockchain Summit

With the highly anticipated Malta AI and Blockchain Summit just months away, event founder and organiser Eman Pulis has pulled an ace out of his sleeve with the announcement that hip-hop star Akon will be attending as a guest speaker.

Akon, 46, is not only known for recording smash-hit songs such as ‘Locked Up’ and ‘I’m So Lonely’ – he is also proud to be one of Africa’s most renowned philanthropists.

Philanthropy is also the reason Akon is now involved with blockchain technology, with his Akoin token set to be used in Dakar, Senegal from next year.

Senegalese President Macky Sall has gifted Akon 2,000 acres to build an “afro-futuristic city”.

“The whole idea with the city is to create a renewable city,” Akon explains.

“Crypto is the money spent in the city – all digital. All renewable energy – no gas, no nothing. And clearly, we’ll create platforms of all of today’s newest technologies embedded within the city itself.”

Local entrepreneurs will be able to capitalise on blockchain technology by launching their own dApps, which will enhance the overall ecosystem.

“I think banking systems can definitely benefit from blockchain, but the voting system will probably be the number one system for the technology,” Akon said.

“The good thing about blockchain is it leaves a footprint. You can’t do anything without it being open for everyone to see it – it opens the road to transparency.”

Eman Pulis, founder and CEO of the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit, added: “With a vision so clearly in line with the best hopes for the blockchain world, Akon is sure to be a huge draw for the conference audience at November’s Malta AIBC. We’re excited to work with him in using blockchain to make the world a better place for everyone.”

Stay tuned to Coin Rivet for exclusive news from this year’s Malta AI and Blockchain Summit.

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